Wednesday, July 28, 2010

tuesday spewday recap

awesome time last night, thanks to everyone who came out and played. decent showing from bloggers, one time can i please run like goat early in the super turbo. it lasted 33 minutes and got 46 entrants. don't miss it next week on tuesday at 9:15. let's try to break 50!

so goat finished 5th. Adamtron took 6th place, the first money spot, and he's a friend of augie's which makes him half blogger. (ed. note: i was gonna link to augie's blog but he hasn't posted since february, so i'm linking to a recent interview instead. check out this entertainment video for a good laugh) DDionysus donked his way to fourth (jk dave!) and the top three were pro Frank "Frank1the1Tank" Calo, CR support guy asufan23, and tomek322, one of my forum friends, who took first for $87 bucks.

in the $11, which was a little too deep stacked for my taste (i think i'm gonna ask to switch it to 10 min levels, though i love antes from the start), we also had 6 money spots, with 47 entrants. jestocost made the final table, but busted 9th. 8th and 7th were two CR instructors, predator06 and m_reed05 (who just made a deep run in the Main Event). acedonkey, one of my friends from high school and law school who busted the main event this year when AK < AK (poor guy), took 6th place. aforementioned augie, one of our MTT instructors with CR, took fifth.

blogger lightning, originator of the "lightning fold" was fourth, and Bazuko, a CR member who final tabled WSOP Event 16 in fourth place for over 100k, took third. dackjaniels2001 and Frank got HU and flipped for about 50 bbs until Frank1The1Tank took it down. Hard to believe the title didn't mean more, but he was at the final table of the 33k on FTP and itm in the 1k on Stars, so w/e.

as for me, i don't even remember how i busted the super turbo, but i went out of the double stack when i called a min raise from the bb w/ K7cc and went broke w/ top pair. he had a set of 3s. oops.

hope to see everyone next tuesday at 9pm ET!


Blogger BWoP said...

Loved the turbo KO. Even though I busted early from the $11, it did *feel* a bit long . . . but then again, I was just being a silly railbird. I'm all for tweaking the levels a bit. Antes from the start were fun.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Heffmike said...

+1 on this, thanks for hosting, woot!

12:54 AM  

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