Monday, September 27, 2010

tuesday spewday september 28th - win $25 bounty on me!

i hope you'll play tomorrow night!! changed the first one to turbo, so it won't last quite as long, and should be a good time. $25 bounty on my head, so if i spew into you, a free $25! i can afford it cause i've been running INSANE hot on ftp this month. turned $187 into 50k, which is obv the sick side of variance. more after tourney deets.

Two private tourneys on Full Tilt Poker, Tuesday September 28th.

Tournament #181876634 (09.28.10 21:00 ET) - Turbo NLHE DS $10 + $1
Tournament #181879017 (09.28.10 21:15 ET) - Super Turbo NLHE KO $6 + .60.

Password = spewday

i wrote up a bit more on my CR blog, but basically i won the 42k two sundays ago for 18k, then final tabled mini ftops and finished 5th for 18k the next night. the following saturday i won a six max tourney for 5k, and then last night i final tabled the 42k (again) and finished third. bink!

not gonna do anything too exciting w/ the $$, but did buy myself a new computer and monitors, i'll post a pic once i get it all set up (prob not till end of october, sniffle).

lastly, if you're a member of CR, we're running a promotion right now where you can receive free lessons from matt matros and collin moshman just for posting a hand in the forums. deets are here.

if you're not already a member, sign up through truly free poker training, and then you could be eligible for next month's free lesson giveaway.

CRUSHED bayne and his lol two qb team (we can only play one) this week in ff, which makes likely going 3-3 this week not so terrible


Blogger Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Great run LJ! Congrats!

6:01 PM  
Blogger PokahDave said...

That is just an absolute EPIC run......well done....

11:31 AM  

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