Tuesday, October 26, 2010

play spewday tonight (with a brag)

Sup ya'll. Not even sure if anyone still reads this, but I had my biggest ever online score this past Sunday. I final tabled the Sunday Second Chance, finishing third for 28k. woo hoo!!!

Now for Tuesday Spewday:

Two private tourneys on Full Tilt Poker

9pm - ID 181980093, $11 turbo
9:15pm - ID 181980391, $6 super turbo KO
pw for both = spewday

You can also search for me, pvanharibo. I'll be in the CR chat if you're a member. We usually get about 30-40 and the tourneys don't last super long.



Blogger Jeremy said...

Congrats Lana!

12:34 AM  

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